Thierry Fautier

VRIF Director / Harmonic 

As Vice President of Video Strategy at Harmonic, Thierry Fautier is in charge of defining and driving the execution of the long term strategy of Harmonic’s video business. Fautier was one of the founders of the VR Industry Forum and used to serve as a Chair of Liaison’s group in the VR Industry Forum.  He is also the current President of the Ultra HD Forum, the global organization responsible for promoting market adoption of UHD by defining industry best practices for the phased introduction of the wide set of technologies that will facilitate the next-generation viewing experience. Fautier has also kept vital connections with MPEG as part of the MPEG 2020 Roadmap committee.

The recent changes in the VR market, has seen companies shut down and some other withdraw from the VR IF. Harmonic has been a believer of the VR market from day one and by applying to a board position wants to make its market footprint in the broadcast space and its VR offering to the service of the VR IF.