About Us

The Virtual Reality Industry Forum is composed of a broad range of participants from sectors including, but not limited to, the movie, television, broadcast, mobile, and interactive gaming ecosystems, comprising content creators, content distributors, consumer electronics manufacturers, professional equipment manufacturers and technology companies. Membership in the VR Industry Forum is open to all parties that support the purposes of the VR Industry Forum. The VR Industry Forum is not a standards development organization, but will rely on, and liaise with, standards development organizations for the development of standards in support of VR services and devices. Adoption of any of the work products of the VR Industry Forum is voluntary; none of the work products of the VR Industry Forum shall be binding on Members or third parties.

The principal purpose of the VR Industry Forum shall be:

To further the widespread availability of high quality audiovisual VR experiences, for the benefit of consumers.

The VR Industry Forum focuses on content that is transmitted as audio and video, and it will monitor complementary technologies for inclusion in its scope, including those that enable augmented reality and mixed reality. The VR Industry Forum targets immersive experiences that typically require head-mounted devices, understanding that immersive VR content may also be consumed on “2D flat screens” (like tablets, mobile phones, PC screens, TVs) with navigation capabilities.

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