Guidelines 2.0


Our ongoing work has progressed the VRIF Guidelines towards version 2.0 and we are pleased to make a draft available for community review. In addition to some minor corrections to version 1.1 of our Guidelines, thus update includes the following topics.

·         The use of text and fonts in VR experiences

·         Mechanisms for watermarking of 2D framed content in Theatrical VR

·         The role of HDR in content presentation – what works and what does not

·         A new media profile with a high quality FOV region

·         Technical aspects of Live VR services

The community review draft is available at Guidelines-2.0-for-Community-Review.pdf. We welcome feedback and comments from the industry which can be made via our VRIF Guidelines Comment Submission Form.

Guidelines 1.1


The VR Industry Forum (VRIF) has developed a set of Guidelines to support the industry in the implementation of the interoperable systems for the production and delivery of 360 degree video content.  The Guidelines document was originally published by the VR Industry Forum in March 2018 as version 1.0 and updated in June 2018 with minor corrections and additional clarifications, following an announcement and the publication of a final draft at CES in January 2018.

Both technical and perceptual aspects are represented in the Guidelines. The interoperability Sections in the current version of the Guidelines focus on 9 key aspects, denoted by the orange balls in the figure below.It is expected that updates will be provided in response to implementation experience of both VRIF members and the industry at large.

We always appreciate comments and recommendations about our work. All comments will be considered for future updates of our work can be submitted via:


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