Communications WG Vision and Charter


The Communications Working Group is responsible for communications to members, potential members, press/media/ analysts, and public at large, regarding the output and activities of the Forum, to increase the visibility and standing of the Forum in the industry and society at large.

The Communications Working Group is evangelizing:

  • the potential of VR as a technology (consumer value proposition as main focus)
  • the work the VRIF is doing to address some of the ecosystem challenges the industry is currently facing in order to fulfill the promise of VR
  •  the work and activities of members in the field of VR


The Communications Working Group’s focus  includes:

  • Creating momentum for news on the Forum’s activities
  • Supporting membership recruitment
  • Making the Forum’s deliverables widely accessible
  • Managing website and help increase its value as a source of industry information
  • Planning activities throughout the year including member activities at trade shows and other events where the Forum is present
  • Organizing speaking events, social media, and educational webinars/workshops when makes sense


If you want to contact the Chair of the VR-IF Communications WG you can use the Contact Form.