Distribution TF Vision and Charter


The Distribution Task Force (DTF) within the Guidelines Working Group creates guidelines covering all aspects of the distribution ecosystems, including compression, storage and delivery, in order to ensure high quality, comfortable consumer VR experiences. These guidelines address best practices for VR content distribution as well as interoperability and deployment guidelines based on associated technical standards.

The Distribution TF also creates criteria to add media profiles to VR Industry Forum Guidelines and selects media profiles to consider use cases and market requirements. The prime focus is to provide interoperability, but also collect information on the performance/quality of specific media profiles in the context of VR-IF relevant immersive applications.


The Distribution Task Force (DTF) scope includes:

Compression: Media codecs for VR, i.e., encoding of different production formats and related media profiles for video, audio and possibly also other media types such as text, graphics, etc.. This includes decoding and rendering of the media based on an abstracted distribution data model.

Storage: Media formats for VR content (e.g., file/segment encapsulation) for different distribution means, including but not limited to storage, download, adaptive bitrate streaming and broadcasting

Delivery: Interfaces and protocols for Live, Linear and VOD delivery over streaming (unicast), and broadcast applications