AIS On the Lot

December 12 - 14, 2018

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Session 22 – 3:40pm – 5G Is Taking XR to the Next Level
5G Networks will start invading cellular airspace and countless devices beginning 2019. From driverless cars to streaming content, 5G offers users a system 100 times more powerful than the current 4G infrastructure. But like any new system, it has technical challenges to overcome.
In partnership with 3GPP and the VR Industry Forum, AIS is pleased to welcome the leading experts on how this remarkable capability will impact content makers in Hollywood. Nikolai Leung is chair of the 3GPP SA4 Multimedia telephony services over IMS subworking group. Mauricio Aracena is the Standardization Manager at Ericsson. Rob Koenan is the founder and CEO of Tiled Media and serves as the President of VR Industry Forum. Zeda Stone is Chief Innovation Officer for RYOT and was co-founder of Captivate Inc.