IBC 2018 – VRIF Master Class Presentations Available for Download

September 2018

VRIF held a successful VR Master Class at IBC 2018 on Sunday, September 16, 2018.

The entire Master Class can be played back HERE.

Download the presentations from the VR Master Class.

Overview:  A Masterclass in VR Technology and Industry (Referenced via IBC 2018.)

Rob Koenen, President of the VR Industry Forum was the guide on this tour through the standards, practices, experiences and experiments which define the current state of VR-360 and AR. Rob presented an overview of VR markets and examined the progress made in the last 2 years by the VRIF and MPEG to define common standards.

Three world authorities then explained and demonstrated advances on the horizon which will permit enhanced immersivity and more degrees of freedom: immersive audio, point cloud capture and light-field processing.

Prof. Marius Preda of Institut Mines Télécom, chair of MPEG’s 3D Graphics Group, highlighted how the increased popularity of augmented and virtual reality experiences and in capturing the real world in multiple dimensions drives the specification of “point cloud compression”. Marius explained how such representations require huge amounts of data, and how MPEG is developing efficient compression technologies to deal with the data deluge. He showed how MPEG tackles 3D point clouds, the spatial equivalent of 2D pixels.

Adrian Murtaza of Fraunhofer IIS highlighted how immersive audio, interactivity and personalization have become essential elements in content consumption for broadcast and streaming services, and how work has now started on MPEG-I Audio with full “6 degrees of freedom” – the ability to move around and hear the virtual scoundscape change consistently. Adrian’s presentation offered an overview of the past and future standardization efforts audio technologies for VR and their market adoption.

Jon Karafin, CEO of Light Field Lab, Inc., detailed the very latest developments in light field and holographic display technologies including insights into the creative and technical implications for content creation. He also analyzed the data requirements and solutions for streaming holographic media, and provided a glimpse into Light Field Lab’s holographic technologies. (Jon’s presentation is not available in slides, but you can watch the stream to see it)

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Additional IBC 2018 Information:

VRIF proudly presented at IBC’s Future Zone, with VR demos from Imeve, Nokia/Fraunhofer  & Qualcomm that implement elements of VRIF’s Guidelines.

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