VRIF Activities at NAB

Sunday April 23, 2017

VRIF held an Open Meeting at NAB.  Here is the presentation that was used.

Press Release:  Growing VR Industry Forum to Present Its Work and Plans at NAB 2017


Member’s Booths at NAB

B<>com –   Booth# N2035FP

  • 6DOF demo featuring multi-user, smart interactions & presence
  • VR/360 immersive audio production/post-production with Higher Order Ambisonics
  • Forensic watermarking for VR/360/3DOF contents


Dolby – Booth# SU1702

  • Dolby Atmos for Linear VR delivers breathtaking sound that deepens immersion in cinematic, experiential, and live VR experiences.  Come hear for yourself at Dolby’s booth.
  • Dolby’s Virtual Cinema solution offers OTT services and CE manufacturers a quick path to the VR market with immersive audio by leveraging existing movies and TV shows in Dolby Audio (DD+) and Dolby Atmos.
  • The Dolby Atmos Production Suite is now live and generally available.  This suite allows authoring of Dolby Atmos content across VR (360 video) and Home Theater use cases, making it the most versatile and powerful authoring suite for immersive audio.  It is being demonstrated at the Avid booh (SU902) next to Dolby’s booth.


Ericsson – South Hall (Upper Level) Booth# SU720

  • 8k × 4k 360º Video Compression using Ericsson’s encoding technology.VR / AR Bandwidth Optimization
  • Optimizing bandwidth management and quality of experience for media for virtual and augmented reality based on field of vision.
  • AR Sports graphics at home
    Displaying AR sports graphics to complement real sports content on the TV. Hololens headset in the home environment.

Fraunhofer HHI – * Fraunhofer Booth# 6110, South Upper Hall, ** SES Booth# 1910, South Upper Hall, *** Booth# N1216VR at Virtual & Augmented Reality Pavilion (North Hall)

Will exhibit five demos related to 360° video and VR at NAB:
–              3D Human Body Reconstruction (volumetric  video)*
–              Live satellite HEVC streaming of 10Kx2K Panoramas*, **
–              10Kx2K Panoramic Video on UHD screens*, **
–              360° OmniCam with closed sphere*
–              Tile Based HEVC/DASH Streaming for VR***

Fraunhofer IIS – Fraunhofer Booth# 6110, South Upper Hall

  • The MPEG-H audio standard is the ideal VR audio codec with the ability to deliver immersive 3D sound for virtual environments at bitrates used today for deliver of surround sound
  • MPEG-H can carry channels, audio objects and higher-order ambisonics signals
  • This capability makes it the ideal VR audio codec for user generated, Cinematic and Live VR content
  • Fraunhofer Cingo renders 3D audio content over headphones by incorporating head movements and as a result, sound sources can be perceived accurately from anywhere in the 360 space around listener
  • CingoComposer DAW plug-in for AAX and VST-based production software enables sound designers to easily mix, pan and monitor immersive audio projects.  The plug-in supports audio objects, multi-channel beds and ambisonic signals, and exports your immersive mix to MPEG-H Audio as well as FOA and 5.1 for legacy distribution platforms.


Harmonic – Booth# SU 1210

  • Premium content in VR 8K / Ambisonics 3D sound played on Gear VR & Oculus Rift
  • Video experience comparison of DASH 4k vs Tiled 4K vs Tiled 8K on a Gear VR
  • Demonstration done in collaboration with Tiled media & Viaccess orca


Intel – Booth# SU9410

  • Intel NAB VR session with A R Rahman on Monday 24th at 11:30 AM (S222-223) and launch of his VR experience “Le Musk” at Intel booth
  • Powered by Intel technology at Intel booth, “New virtual reality Cinema experiences”, prelude to “Le Musk” VR feature directed and scored by AR Rahman


Ittiam – Booth# SU14513

  • Codec agnostic view dependent streaming (demo) with significant bit-rate reduction


NGCodec – North Hall Booth# N2635SP-A in the Sprockit pavilion

  • Cloud VR 4K H.265/HEVC codec


Nokia – North Hall Booth# N1002VR

  • Multi-camera live VR delivered at 4K per eye resolution with spatial audio
  • Spatial Audio Mixing for the creation of customized audio mixes for each camera feed
  • Depth maps from OZO that are ready for 3DFX compositing and mixed reality experiences
  • Showcasing the OZO Reality Platform, a set of technologies and format extensions, developed by Nokia and embraced by a broad ecosystem of partners, which enable the real-world delivery of 360 video and mixed reality experiences with unprecedented efficiency and uncompromised quality

Orah – North Hall, VR Pavilion, Booth# N1017VR

  • Multi-camera live VR in 4K on the spot with their Orah 4i cameras.


Qualcomm – Booth# SU11013

  • Demonstration of a live end-to-end production workflow of VR using MPEG-H 3D Audio.  Audio/Video will be captured, stitched, mixed, encoded and streamed from a ‘live area’ room to the show floor – to be played back over head-mounted-displays in real time.  The same production workflow can cater for simultaneous OTA and OTT transmission by simultaneously outputting content in both ‘channels + object’ format as well as scene based (HOA) + objects format.  The latter is particularly conducive for live VR streaming and interactivity.
  • In addition, we will also showcase its High-Quality HEVC cloud and server based encoder, which is well suited for OTT services and 4K real-time encoding with multithreading on a single machine. It implements HEVC Main and Main10 profiles with adaptive rate control. It is designed to handle high-quality encoding of HDR content and includes the CRI SEI message metadata for display adaptation. The High-Quality HEVC encoder has significantly lower complexity than x265 for same coding efficiency.


Technicolor – Technicolor Demonstration Suite – Paramount Room 2nd Floor in the Renaissance Hotel

  • Pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences
    Showcase how our talented teams are pushing the boundaries of creating immersive experiences, exemplified through a range of content across the film, TV, and advertising industries.
  • The Raid (4:Legacy), Wonder Buffalo, Passenger: Awakening, John Lewis’ Buster’s Garden

TNO, Tiledmedia – South Hall, Upper Level, Booth# SU1210

  • Efficient streaming of 8k VR content using Tiled Streaming


Vantrix – Booth# SU10825

  • Low Latency, Studio Grade VR
  • Award winning glass-to-glass millisecond latency for live VR
  • Studio grade VR quality with National Film Board’s Kyma full-dome movie
  • Get closer to the VR action with Virtual Zoom
  • Complete back-end video management and delivery platform for VoD and Live
  • We will have our full range of VR cameras on display


Verizon – Booth# SU3605 Verizon Digital Media Services

  • Uplynk 360 powered by envrmnt, end-to-end 360 Video Distribution Workflow