VRIF 6DoF Mixer

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

VRIF  recently held a “6DoF VR Mixer”


6DoF Virtual Reality is an emerging field that we can see on the horizon after the VR experience with 3 degrees of freedom that is currently being deployed, and the “3DoF+” that will add support for limited parallax. MPEG has identified 2 major technologies for 6DoF Virtual Reality: Point Cloud Compression (based on object modeling) and Light Field Coding. Both have a standardization horizon beyond 2020. As these are very disruptive technologies affecting the entire ecosystem, this will require significant collaboration in our industry to deploy. In other words: we need to start preparing for this revolution.


Organizing a 6 DoF VR workshop in the Silicon Valley, the VRIF invited several players on the bleeding edge of this field to come and present their views on this new approach to VR. The mixer will be a place to learn, exchange, challenge views on this new hot topic.


The session will be informal, with short presentations and a lot of room for discussions and idea exchange. Thierry Fautier, VRIF Board member and Liaison Officer, will moderate the session. The afternoon will end with an open discussion followed by drinks.


The Event included the following speakers:


VR 6DoF Mixer (as December 1)
13:30 Goal of the mixer session : Thierry Fautier

(Liaison Chair /BoD VRIF )

13 :40 VR IF roadmap for 6DoF : Rob Koenen (VRIF President) TNO
13:50 Arianne Hinds (VR Specialist) CableLabs
14:10  Tim Milliron (EVP Product Development)  Lytro
14:30  Ludovic Noblet (Director Hypermedia)  B<>COM
14:50 Jules Urbach, CEO  OTOY
15:10 Open discussion
16:00 Reception
17:00 End