VRIF at IBC 2017

September 14 - 19, 2017

VRIF to participate at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam, September 14-19, 2017

Join us for the VRIF and DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) Super Session:

DASH – from OTT to VR

Saturday, September 16

17:00pm – 18:30pm

Room E102, RAI Conference Center

VRIF and DASH Industry Forum are combining forces to bring you a cutting-edge session on MPEG DASH, covering topics from OTT deployments to a future of Virtual Reality. Two of the largest OTT providers, YouTube and Hulu, will each speak about their extensive use of DASH in delivering AVOD and SVOD services to a global audience. Qualcomm will address their vision on VR and the development of standards for VR and OTT delivery. Speaking for VRIF, Huawei will address the work being done in VRIF’s Guidelines Group and Sky will discuss bringing VR to a commercial audience. The session ends with panel and Q&A.

And be sure to check out the

VRIF Session at the Future Reality Zone 

Monday, September 18

15:25pm – 15:55pm

featuring VRIF President, Rob Koenen (TNO)

VRIF Member Booths at IBC.  For an interactive floor map of IBC exhibitors, click here.

b<>com – 8.G14

  • Spatial Audio Toolbox for producing scene based audio, and an MPEG-H 3D Audio end-to-end ecosystem for distributing scene based audio
  • « Virtual Arctic Expedition »: 6DOF, multi-user, smart interactions with the content.

Ericsson – 1.D61

A collaboration between VRIF members Ericsson, Tiledmedia and Sky we will demonstrate the use of second screen 360° video via HMD or Tablet to augment a standard television broadcast:

  • Tiled, viewport adaptive delivery of 8K video provided by Tiledmedia
  • Encoding provided by the Ericsson HEVC software encoder
  • English Premier League content provided by Sky

Frauhofer IIS – 8.B80 www.iis.fraunhofer.de/en/muv/2017/ibc-2017.html

VR Audio end-to-end system based on MPEG-H 3D Audio

  •  upHear® spatial audio microphone processing
  • CingoComposer authoring plugins for DAWs
  • MPEG-H Audio encoder and decoder SDKs:
    •  audio objects, audio channels and ambisonics audio (FOA/HOA) with metadata
    • International standard specified in MPEG’s Omnidirectional Media Form (OMAF)
  • VR Audio SDKs for apps and HMDs including Cingo® binaural renderer

Fraunhofer HHI – 8.B80

  • 3D Human Body Reconstruction (volumetric video)
  • Live satellite HEVC streaming of 10Kx2K Panorama Video on UHD screens*
  • OmniCam-360 with closed sphere and live stitching
  • OMAF viewport dependent VR video streaming using HEVC tiles

*Also showcased at SES Booth #B51, Hall1, with OmniCam-360 live feed from the Vondelpark.

Fraunhofer FOKUS – 8.B80  www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/go/ibc

  • 360° Video Playout for TV Devices
  • Experience 24K/4K 360° videos on major TV Platforms (e.g. HbbTV, Android TV), Web, and mobile
  • Support of Live and On-demand 360° Video Streaming
  • Experience synchronized 360° videos shared on multiple TVs and companion devices
  • Add user interaction to 360° videos with 360 VideoDirector Tool
  • Efficient Delivery over existing CDNs using DASH and DRM Support over EME

Intel – 5.B65

  • Sports VR Experience (2 parts)
    • Intel® True VR live streaming
    • Cycle between highlights from 2 different sporting events in a 360-degree experience enhanced with visual overlays
  • Entrix* VR Streaming on Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator 2 (Intel® VCA 2)
    • Video encoding and stitching powered by the new Intel® VCA 2 add-in card featuring the Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1585L v5
  • “Spiderman: Homecoming” VR Experience:
    • Dual Intel® Xeon® processor-based Dell* workstations were used to quickly create and render 360-degree UHD graphics for streaming, encoding and video playback
  • Dunkirk VR Experience:
    • Intel collaboration with Warner Bros. and Practical Magic to create a new virtual reality experience (VRE) to promote the upcoming feature film Dunkirk

NGCodec – 5.B21 (Origami Ecosystem Pavilion) https://ngcodec.com/ibc

  • Cloud 360° VR encoding leveraging AWS FPGA encoder
    • 10x lower cost encoding than using open source encoders
  • Cloud VR
    • Sub frame latency for live interactive CG content
    • Allows the computing and the HMD to be separated over a low latency network
    • Upgrades a Mobile VR headset
      • to deliver better quality graphics than a desktop VR experience
      • 10x longer battery life
      • Pay as you Go

Nokia – 15.MS17

  • Spatial Audio Mixing in OZO Live for the creation of customized audio mixes for each camera feed
  • Depth maps from OZO that are ready for 3DFX compositing and mixed reality experiences
  • Interactive mixed reality playback experience through the OZO Player SDK
  • Showcasing the OZO Reality Platform, a set of technologies and format extensions, developed by Nokia and embraced by a broad ecosystem of partners, which enable the real-world delivery of 360 video and mixed reality experiences with unprecedented efficiency and uncompromised quality

Qualcomm – Hotel Okura

  • Qualcomm will be demonstrating live end-to-end broadcast workflow of VR using MPEG-H 3D Audio – using HOA and Object-based audio.
  • Live Audio/Video will be stitched, mixed, encoded and streamed and played back over HMDs in real time.
  •  Production workflow for simultaneous OTA and OTT transmission for linear and VR consumption and multiple NGA codecs.
  • Caters for interactive and personalized audio features.


Sky presentation on VR at IBC: Sky VR’s journey into 360 and VR and shows the Broadcaster’s perspective, with emphasis on the commissioning and production processes.

Talk covers:

  • Sky VR’s Aims and Objectives
  • An overview of Production Techniques with examples from our slate of content
  • The research and thought process behind Sky’s Delivery Specification
  • A glimpse at the future with Tile-based delivery

Technicolor – 15.MS5, 15.MS7 TEC.Technicolor.com

Recognized at a variety of festivals including Sundance and Tribeca, Tree introduces a journey of the senses and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the VR realm. The Sound Lab at Technicolor, led by Supervising Sound Designer Scott Gershin, provided location recording of foliage and trees for this immersive experience, which transforms the user into a tree growing in the rainforest. Additionally, the Technicolor Experience Center hosts an installation space for Tree, fully equipped with multi-sensory haptic elements. Please contact alyssa.heater@technicolor.com to schedule an appointment to visit the Technicolor suite.

Volumetric Video Streaming – The immersive future is shown through a new VR format that will allow volumetric content to be encoded, compressed and seamlessly rendered in homes and around the globe.  Designed to align with the upcoming MPEG-I standard, this video-based format provide an enhanced VR immersive experience thanks to the addition of depth information enabling interactive parallax effects than can be streamed over existing architecture and pipelines.


Working with a significant number of VRIF members, Tiledmedia will be demonstrating its highly optimized ClearVR tiled streaming solution for VR360 video distribution at IBC.

Tiledmedia technology will be demonstrated at the following VRIF member booths:

  • Harmonic1.B20
  • Viaccess-Orca – 1.A51
  • Akamai Technologies – 5.B52
  • Ericsson – 1.D61
  • Xperi/DTS – 15.MS10

Tiledmedia has also been selected to pitch at the IBC Startup Forum.

TNOThe Future Zone, Hall 8, stand G06

TNO coordinates the ITEA3 project ‘Media Orchestration from Sensor to Screen (MOS2S)’, a 12-partner project that includes Bosch, KPN, Nokia VRT, ETRI, and Samsung among others. The MOS2S booth in the Future Zone demonstrates an enriched experience for TV viewers and stadium visitors during live events, such as football matches and concerts. We showcase applications that let TV viewers and stadium visitors receive additional information live during soccer games; both on the TV screen at home and on their smartphone or tablet. To know more, please contact us at info@mos2s.eu.

Vantrix – 5.C12 (Artesyn)

  • Award winning low latency live VR broadcast solution
  • Cloud360 social and enterprise broadcasting platform
  • Heterogeneous grid transcoding solution

Viaccess-Orca – 1.A51  http://www.viaccess-orca.com/what-s-new/events/ibc-2017

VO Virtual Arena:  pushing the envelope to enable and monetize premium video experiences in VR360

  • Interactive demo of a soccer game, tailored for live events. Enjoy social interactions with avatars, statistics, social sharing, multi-cam and much more…
  • Available on HMD (GearVR) as well as flat devices (tablet, smartphones)
  • Integrated with VO’s monetization and analytics platform

VO Player: advanced playback framework for premium VR360 video experiences – pre-integrated with technologies of Tiledmedia and Xperi/DTS; available via SDK or integrated into VO’s Virtual Arena App

  • Demo of VO Player playing the Fuerza Imprevista music clip from Mariachi Flor De Toloache, which uses Tiled VR Streaming for high quality VR video, and ambisonic audio for outstanding immersive audio

Akamai Technologies – 5.B52

ARRIS – 1.B19

ATEME – 1.D71

Bitmovin – 14.E17, 14.F33

Brightcove – 5.B69

CastLabs – 14.L02

Dolby Laboratories – 2A.11

DTS – 15.MS10

EBU – 10.F20

Harmonic – 1.B20

Huawei Technologies – 13.A06

Inside Secure – 14.M29

Irdeto – 1.B51


Texel – 3.B56