Workshop on VR Ecosystem & Standards

December 4 - 6, 2017


Dates:       December 4-6, 2017


The goals of this workshop were:

  • to collect the vision and requirements from service providers and operators on technical requirements of VR services.
  • to assess VR360 production formats constraints and identify processing required for distribution.
  • to learn about the various VR360 standardization efforts (from 3GPP, VRIF, MPEG, Khronos, DVB etc.) and to discuss alignment of these efforts.

The workshop consisted of the following half-day sessions:

  • VR Content production
  • Device/hardware ecosystems
  • Operators/Service providers’ requirements
  • VR360 Standardization efforts

The workshop included a networking session and technology demos.

Each session contained presentations and panel discussions to ensure that upcoming VR standards are aligned with:

  • Industry’s production formats
  • VR service providers’ requirements
  • Device capabilities and their evolution

Audience members attended to:

  • Hear experts discuss vision for VR services
  • Learn about hardware requirements and device evolution
  • Get up to speed on standardization efforts worldwide
  • Network with VR industry leaders and peers
  • Show your technology during the networking drinks Monday evening.

VRIF also held a 6DoF Mixer on Wednesday, December 6.

Virtual Reality is an emerging field that we can see on the horizon after the VR experience with 3 degrees of freedom that is currently being deployed, and the “3DoF+” that will add support for limited parallax. MPEG has identified 2 major technologies for 6DoF Virtual Reality: Point Cloud Compression (based on object modeling) and Light Field Coding. Both have a standardization horizon beyond 2020. As these are very disruptive technologies affecting the entire ecosystem, this will require significant collaboration in our industry to deploy. In other words: we need to start preparing for this revolution.

Meeting location

The workshop and 6DoF were held at the Ericsson Conference Facility – Santa Clara Square, 2625 Augustine Drive, 1st Floor Conference Center, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA