Guidelines WG Vision and Charter


The Guidelines Working Group creates guidelines for all aspects of the VR ecosystem(s), including interoperability, accessibility, quality and deployment relying on relevant technical standards. The guidelines ensure high quality, comfortable consumer VR experiences.


The Guidelines Working Group considers all elements of the VR content ecosystem, which guided by the Requirements Working Group covers:

VR Content Capture
VR Content Production
VR Content Distribution
VR Content Presentation
VR Content Security

The guidelines also advocate creation and adoption of common technical standards for VR, enabling the use of common profiles across the industry, and enabling interoperability to be demonstrated.

On the production side, Guidelines WG considers all elements of the production ecosystem in producing guidelines that cover acquisition hardware and production guidance, user experience, content creation, accessibility, audio and delivery specifications, in order to ensure high quality consumer VR experiences.

On distribution, Guidelines WG charter includes

  • Compression: Media codecs for VR, i.e., encoding of different production formats and related media profiles for video, audio and possibly also other media types such as text, graphics, etc.. This includes decoding and rendering of the media based on an abstracted distribution data model.
  • Storage: Media formats for VR content (e.g., file/segment encapsulation) for different distribution means, including but not limited to storage, download, adaptive bitrate streaming and broadcasting
  • Delivery: Interfaces and protocols for Live, Linear and VOD delivery over streaming (unicast), and broadcast applications

On the security side, Guidelines WG creates and maintains guidelines for security aspects of the end-to-end VR ecosystem(s). The scope of these guidelines comprise the detection of and defense against ecosystem attacks, with a focus on content theft prevention. They also focus on verifying that new cross-ecosystem VR features and functionality can be supported through a Secure Media Path, and ensure that there is a consistent user experience for protected content. Finally, guidelines are being developed for the proper handling and protection of user generated return-path data.


If you want to contact the Chair of the VR-IF Guidelines WG you can use the Contact Form.