Liaison WG Vision and Charter


The Liaison Working Group communicates with SDOs and Industry Groups on the vision of VRIF as well as its main activities, and collects the progress of those organizations. The goal is to nurture collaboration and avoid any overlap.


  • Building two-way communications with SDOs and Industry Groups
  • Leveraging the participation of VRIF member in all those organizations
  • Prioritizing the reach out to the most mature and most impactful organizations
  • Gating communications to other groups
  • Setting up liaison statements with other groups


All liaisons to the Virtual Reality Industry Forum should be addressed to the Liaison WG at
Liaisons may be received in many formats, e.g., as emails, as Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, etc.), Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf), text files (.txt, .rtf) and/or archive files (.zip).


If you want to contact the Chair of the VR-IF Liaison WG you can use the Contact Form.