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TNO is a Dutch Institute for Applied Research and is one of the founders of the VR Industry Forum. As an Applied Research Institute, TNO needs to stay closely connected to the industry, on one hand to get relevant research questions and on the other hand to disseminate its work. VRIF is seen as the most relevant industry body to meet these needs.

TNO has been studying, experimenting with and developing virtual reality for almost 10 years. Back in 2010 TNO pioneered the stream-what-you-watch concept creating the tiled streaming technology.

While tiled streaming technology is now available through our spin-off TiledMedia, TNO continues its research on virtual reality technology and applications, now with a focus on Social VR.

The contacts and network of peers in the VR industry that the VRIF provides is of most value for TNO: research results can be validated quickly and proof-of-concepts are built with the participation of the top VR players. This rapid and in-depth collaboration between industry and research would be much harder without the VRIF.

Whistling Woods International

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Click HERE for a video testimonial from Devon Copley, CEO Imeve and Simon Walter, Research Associate, Fraunhofer HHI.