VRIF Members Offer 360 Degrees of Video Opportunity ebook

VRIF  Members Harmonic and Viaccess-Orca are offering a 360 Degrees of Video Opportunity ebook:

An Operator Gateway into Virtual Reality

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Billions of dollars are being invested by the consumer tech giants. SuperData Research projects VR revenue to total almost $30B by 2020 – 15 times what it was in 2016.*

But how do we cross the chasm to fulfilling the VR360 promise? How can we deliver premium video experiences?

In this ebook by Harmonic and Viaccess-Orca, discover the VR360 opportunity, including:

  • The immersive promise and premium VR360 video
  • Monetizing the premium content experience — VR360 use cases and examples of operators experimenting with VR360
  • What hurdles are holding VR back?
  • The VR360 workflow elements for delivering premium video experiences, plus new techniques to address latency, bandwidth, processing and storage
  • The VO and Harmonic end-to-end solution

*The Virtual Consumer, 2017. SuperData Research.