VRIF Demos at NAB 2018

VRIF was proud to exhibit VR demos from Imeve and Nokia / Fraunhofer that implement the VRIF Guidelines at NAB 2018.

Other VR demos from VRIF members included: Ericsson, Fraunhofer HHI and Harmonic :

Ericsson Demo:

In a collaboration between Digital Domain and VRIF members Ericsson and Tiledmedia, we will demonstrate the use of second screen 360° video via HMD or Tablet to augment a UHD, HDR television broadcast with live VR services in 8k:

  • Tiled, viewport adaptive delivery of 8K video provided by Tiledmedia
  • Encoding provided by the Ericsson HEVC software encoder
  • Client application development from Digital Domain

Fraunhofer HHI – Fraunhofer Demos:

  1. Live End to End Streaming of VR360 10K Video with MPEG-OMAF and HEVC Tiles

At NAB 2018, Fraunhofer HHI showcases the world’s first standard-compliant end to end chain for live VR360 video streaming beyond 4K resolution. This includes high-resolution VR360 10K video capturing and live rendering from the Fraunhofer HHI Omnicam-360, tile-based live encoding with the Fraunhofer HHI HEVC encoder, packaging according to the MPEG-OMAF Viewport-Dependent Media Profile and the VRIF Guidelines and high-quality playback on VR glasses and TV screens.

2.  3D Human Body Reconstruction for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute is presenting a novel and uniquely integrated 360-degree multi-camera capture and lighting system for the creation of highly realistic Volumetric Video content of moving persons. A set of 16 stereo cameras create 3D information from all different viewpoints around the person. This 3D information is then fused and transformed into a consistent, natural and dynamic 3D representation of the person. The automatically computed sequence of meshes can be integrated in VR and AR applications. The capture system supports diffuse lighting from any direction, which offers best possible conditions for re-lighting of the dynamic 3D models, afterwards, at design stage of the virtual reality experience

Harmonic Demo:

Harmonic will show a demonstration of VR 360 legacy using its Cloud Saas VOS360 platform that can ingest, transcode and stream in DASH & HLS at the lowest bitrate using its Content Aware Encoding technology EyeQ.

In addition, we will show a VR 8K tiling demonstration of VOD together with Digital Immersion, Tilemedia, Viaccess Orca targeting multi devices and experiences: Gear VR, Tablet and Nvidia shield STB.

Nokia Demo:

Nokia will demonstrate a  playback system for viewport-dependent video streaming where only the user’s current viewport is streamed in the highest quality, while the rest is streamed in a lower quality. The demo shows tile streaming, where tiles are merged at the receiver so that only a single decoder is required at the client. The content is created by Fraunhofer HHI and is encoded at 6K resolution with the cubemap projection using 24 multi-quality (same resolution) tiles with region-wise packing. The demonstrated system is fully interoperable according to the MPEG OMAF standard.