VR Days Europe Post Event Report

This post event report is brought to you by the VRIF Communications WG:

VR Days Europe – November 13-15, 2019

VR Days Europe celebrated its 5th anniversary, showing a maturing ecosystem on the exhibition floor and in the conference program. It was busier than last year, with more companies exhibiting and these companies showing products that are already in the market.  

VRIF curated the “5G and Future of XR Technology”, a well visited session on technical advances in XR – and yes, on the impact of 5G. Speakers representing VRIF members included Kim-Leigh Pontin of Sky, Simon Gunkel of TNO and Ray van Brandenburg of Tiledmedia.

Kim-Leigh talked about the challenges of producing volumetric immersive media, using Sky’s newly released Britannia as a fascinating showcase.

TNO’s focus is on Social VR and this was reflected in Simon’s talk. Simon referred the two stands with TNO presence: its own and that of with the European VR Together project, both exhibiting Social VR technology. 

Ray updated the audience on the state-of-the-art in live VR distribution, Tiledmedia’s core focus, and talked about what Tiledmedia is doing to improve quality further still. If VR is to catch on with consumers, quality is crucial.  Tiledmedia also exhibited its latest tiling tech for high-quality VR distribution, live and on-demand.