VRIF at IBC 2019

VRIF Leadership and Members are looking forward to seeing you at IBC 2019.  Below is the schedule of key talks being given by VRIF affiliates. 

PresenterTitleLocation & Date
Rob Koenen
Rob Koenen will explain how Tiledmedia and partners (IBC, Intel, IBC, Akamai, Google, Iconic Engine, KPN, Oculus, Voysys) enable the live, global distribution of 5 days of IBC talks in 8K VR.Visual Cloud Conference, 16:45
Friday 13 September, 
Rob Koenen (VRIF, Tiledmedia)

Per Fröjdh (Ericsson)
Alia Sheikh (BBC)
James Gibson (BBC)
“How 5G enables Virtual and Augmented Reality” – Session Chaired by VRIFRoom E102
Saturday the 14th at 14:15
The session is chaired by Rob Koenen, Chair of VRIF’s Communications WG.
Per Fröjdh, Director of Media Standardization at Ericsson, will explain which 5G Features for immersive Media.
Alia Sheikh (Senior Development Producer at BBC) and James Gibson (R&D Engineer at BBC) will explain how they used 5G in a set of “5G Smart Tourism” Remotely Rendered VR trials carried out by BBC and partners in the UK.
Sebastian Schwarz (Nokia)Tech Talk: Encoding Immersion: Real-time decoding and AR playback of the emerging MPEG video-based point cloud compression standardRoom E102
Saturday the 14th at 15:30
Chaitanya Chinchlikar
Spotlight on Bollywood, speaking about the latest industry & technology trends in today’s Indian Film, TV & high-end OTT industry, including talking about where the country is with Immersive Content.
Link to session details: https://lnkd.in/fxBR7jJ
Main Stage Auditorium
Saturday September 14th at 3:30pm
Chris Johns
(VRIF Vice President, SKY)
VRIF Forum’s Guidelines and new activitiesFuture Zone talk
Sunday 15 September, 10:20am
Chaitanya Chinchlikar
360VR Storytelling, speaking on Cinematic VR & what the WWI Jio VR Lab is doing to create India’s first generation of Cinematic VR filmmakers.
Link to session details: https://www.theiabm.org/ibc-future-trends-theatre/
Future Zone Theatre
Sunday September 15th at 10:30am
Simon Gunkel
Simon Gunkel will be presenting “Social VR Communication” which will report on our recent experiments in photo-realistic Social VR, allowing people to interact, communicate and collaborate with each other as if they are in the same place. We present an evaluation of our Social VR platform with 313 users in six experiences, for both 360-degree video and 3D volumetric VR. Further we outline the gaps the technology is currently facing and how standardization can help for an interoperable and wide spread adoption of Social VR.“Forging the Next Generation of 360° Entertainment” @Tech Talk Extra
11:45 – 13:00, Monday 16 September 
Oliver Schreer
(Fraunhofer HHI)
Tech Talk: VR meets AR: Real and virtual spaces become one. Title: Lessons learnt during one year of commercial volumetric video productionMonday 16 September  13:45-15:00, Room E102
Sebastian Schwarz (Nokia)Emerging point cloud coding and transmission standards for ARFuture Zone Theatre
Monday September 16th at 17:45

VRIF Member Booths at IBC.  For an interactive floor map of IBC exhibitors, click here.

NokiaFutureZone at booth 8.F46Nokia Technologies are showcasing two cutting-edge projects that demonstrate the progress that is being made in standardisation of volumetric and 360-degree video coding for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) environments: OMAF4Cloud and Video-based Point Cloud Compression. As the demands for high quality 3-D and 360-degree omnidirectional video formats increase, the need for reliable digital formats has taken on fresh urgency. In addition, Nokia Technologies will demonstrate the latest on H.266/Versatile Video Coding
TNOFuture Zone (Hall 8, F10). TNO is partner in VR Together, a media project funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 program. It aims at radically improving the experience by innovating in how media formats are used (i.e., how audio, video and graphics are captured, delivered and rendered at users’ homes). Finally VR Together will demonstrate a significant improvement of the feeling of being there together and the photorealistic quality of the content. On the booth of CERTH at the IBC Future Zone, we will demonstrate the latest state of the project. You can find us at the Future Zone (Hall 8, F10). 
Fraunhofer HHI8.B80Exhibits of Fraunhofer HHI at the Fraunhofer booth are: Versatile Video Coding (VVC), Volumetric Video Production and Workflow
TiledmediaIntel, 15.MS30
MediaKind, 4.A01
Harmonic, 1.B20
Intel: ClearVR is at the heart of an impressive line-up of partners showing a really cool demo during IBC: full-time live VR360 streaming at high-quality 8K resolution from IBC to viewers worldwide. Perhaps the most impressive part of this “demo” is that each of the partners only contribute hardware, software and services that are commercially available today.
MediaKind and Google: MediaKind shows its Cygnus 360º as-a-Service (360aaS) solution for live events built around the ClearVR packaging software. MediaKind integrated ClearVR with its own HEVC encoder technology to enable a robust and highly scalable VR360 publishing service running on public cloud infrastructure. The service works with all applications that integrate the ClearVR SDK.
Harmonic: Harmonic’s 8K demonstrations include the “Personalized 8K Broadcast” system that we also showed at the French Open Tennis Championship in Paris earlier this year. Powered by the ClearVR engine, the demo shows zoom and pan in a planar 8K image shot with emerging 8K broadcast cameras.
IRT8.F02VRIF member IRT, as partner in the Immmersive Accessibility (ImAc) project, shows how access services (subtitles, audio description, sign language) can be added to immersive media. A state of the art 360 video player, enhanced with personalisable presentation of access services is demonstrated. Also professional editor tools for the creation of access services for immersive media, are available for hands-on trial. You will find ImAc as part of the Media Accessibility booth, Future Zone 8.F02. For more information, visit the project’s website www.imac-project.eu/
Intel15.MS30, 15.MS31 
Mediatek1.BS5, 1.BS6