Requirements WG Vision and Charter


The Requirements Working Group solicits and develops requirements addressing all aspects of an end-to-end interoperable VR ecosystem for delivery of high-quality VR experiences (including audio, visual content, and levels of immersion).  Such requirements are intended for the Guidelines WG and for communication to SDOs.


The Requirements Working Group considers all elements of the VR content ecosystem, including:

  • VR Content Production
  • VR Content Capture
  • VR Content Distribution
  • VR Content Presentation
  • VR Content Security

Task force groups, each with relevant charters and mandates, may be formed as necessary to ensure focused activity in these areas.

The Requirements Working Group establishes verification criteria to aid in assessing the degree to which VR technologies support their relevant requirements and use cases.


If you want to contact the Chair of the VR-IF Requirements WG you can use the Contact Form.