VR Days Europe

November 13-15, 2019

VR Days Europe

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VR-IF members TiledMedia and TNO will showcase their latest technology in the Exhibition, while Fraunhofer, Sky, TiledMedia and TNO will talk at the session “5G & The Future of Technology“ on Thursday 14 November in room “North”:

  • Kim-Leigh Pontin from Sky will talk about XR Content Production. To mark the launch of season two of Sky original drama ‘Britannia’, fans can now get closer to the show’s psychedelic world with the launch of ‘Britannia VR: Out of Your Mind’, Sky VR Studio’s new experience. ‘Britannia VR: Out of Your Mind’ was directed by Kim-Leigh Pontin and produced by Daniel Bougourd, Neil Graham and Kim-Leigh Pontin for Sky.
  • Oliver Scheer from Fraunhofer HHI will talk about “Volumetric Video: Key Technology for Realistic Dynamic 3D Assets of Humans”. Fraunhofer HHI has developed a complete production workflow, which is based on our 3D Human Body Reconstruction (3DHBR) technology. It consists on a novel volumetric capture system and an automatic production workflow that creates naturally moving dynamic 3D models, which can then be observed from arbitrary viewpoints in a virtual or augmented reality scene. An introduction on the EC project XR4ALL will be given aiming at creating a European community on XR technologies.
  • Ray van Brandenburg, CTO and Founder of TiledMedia, will talk about the State of the Art in Live 360 Distribution explaining how TiledMedia distributes 8K 360 Live content to mass audiences over existing networks to existing devices.
  • Simon Gunkel, researcher at TNO, will be presenting the latest state of the European VR Together project: “Social VR communication like never seen before!”.
  • All these talks will be moderated by VR-IF co-founder and former President Rob Koenen

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Discounted Pass: €199 (1-day), €299 (3 days) with code: FRIENDSOFVRDAYS19

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