VR Industry Forum Second Open Industry Event

April 22, 2021

VR Industry Forum is hosting its Second VRIF Online Event (22nd April, 5pm CET/8AM PT).

The event will cover the following technology topics:

  • Latest updates on VRIF activities and guidelines
  • Volumetric Streaming in 5G
  • We have two interesting guest speakers:
    • Gilles Teniou (Tencent and Vice Chair of 3GPP SA4) addressing the latest development on 5G Standards for XR
    • Jae Maloney (Future Technology Advisor at AirFrance/KLM) addressing the lessons learnt on implementing VR for enterprise communication and Virtual Travel

Registration is free and open to everyone. Do not miss the opportunity to connect with Industry experts in this field.

To register: https://www.linkedin.com/events/6782962912165171200/