Immersive Media Meets 5G – Speakers & Chairs


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Don Eklund

CTO, Sony Studios

Welcome Address

Gary Radburn

Director of VR/AR globally at Dell, Vice Chairman, VR/AR at Advanced Imaging Society

AIS Keynote


Amy Peck

CEO at EndeavorVR

Keynote: What Exactly Is The AR Cloud and Why Should We Care?


Scot Barbour

V.P. Production & Innovation at Innovation Studios – Sony Entertainment & Technology

Keynote: Merging Movie and Gaming Technologies

Armen Filipetyan

CTO at Iconic Engine

Key XR projects to pave the way for 5G


Antoine Cayrol

Founder & Producer at Atlas V

Monetizing XR in an emerging market and how 5G will make it happen


Arianne Hinds

Principal Architect, Immersive Media Strategy, CableLabs
Board Chair, Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance

Cable Ready for Immersive Media with 10G


Brent Insko

OpenXR chair; Intel AR/VR Architect

Standardizing XR: How OpenXR Will Simplify XR Hardware and Software Development

Christina Heller

CEO at Metastage

Liberating Virtual Human Experience with 5G


Danillo Graziosi

Manager of Next-Generation Codec at US Research Center – Sony Corporation of America

Point Cloud Compression: MPEG’s First Standard for Immersive Media


Esta Chiang

Volumetric Technical Director / Business Development at 8i

5G Volumetric Streaming 


Ferhan Özkan

CEO at XR First

The CHALLE5GE: Seeking the Pokémon Go of the 5G era


Gregory Jones

Global Manager of Business Development for AR/VR at NVIDIA

Needs of Scalable AR/VR at the Mobile Edge


Jan Söderström

VP and Head of Technology Office Silicon Valley at Ericsson

Title of talk t.b.a.


Jeff Solari

AR/VR Planner, Intel Client Computing Group

Distributing AR & VR Compute in a 5G World


Jyrki Penttinen

Technology Manager, GSMA 

The activities of GSMA on 5G and Cloud AR/VR

Ludovic Noblet

Director Hypermedia Research Labs and CEO of b<>com licensing

ETSI Industry Specification Group Augmented Reality Framework: activities overview and outlook


Martin Renschler

Senior Director Technology at Qualcomm

How 5G enables new Extended Realities


Morgan Bouchet

Orange, Content Division
Director Digital Content & Innovation – Head of XR

Key XR projects to pave the way for 5G


Rolf Muralt

VP of Product Management at MobiledgeX

Revolutionizing XR Experiences with the Power of the Edge


Sebastian Sylwan

CTO & Creative Partner at Felix & Paul Studios

Title of talk t.b.a. 


Serhad Doken

Technology Innovation at Verizon

KPN’s perspective on future communication & 5G


Simon Gunkel

R&D Scientist, KPN

KPN’s perspective on future communication & 5G


Tim Porter

CTO at Underminer Studios

4D + 5G = The Future of Reality


Paul Higgs

VRIF – President
Huawei Technologies – Chief Strategy Officer, Video Product Line

VR360 and Beyond


Paul Szucs

Senior Manager, Technology Standards at Sony Europe

Organizer; Local Host

Gilles Teniou

3GPP SA4 – Vice Chair
Senior Standardization Manager at Orange

VR Achievements and ongoing developments on XR over 5G

Organizer; Session Chair


Frédéric Gabin

3GPP SA4 Chairman, Standardization Manager at Ericsson

Organizer; Session Chair

Thomas Stockhammer

Director Technical Standards at Qualcomm
Activity Chair at MPEG
Rapporteur of 3GPP XR5G Study Item

Organizer; Session Chair

Mauricio Aracena

Board Member and Secretary at VRIF and Media Standards Manager at Ericsson

Organizer; Demo Chair 

Rob Koenen

Tiledmedia – Founder and CBO MPEG – Activity Chair
VRIF – Founder, 2017/2018 President; Comms WG Chair

MPEG-I: I is for “Immersive”

Organizer; Session Chair